Assembly notice  sealing FN10

All the operation is done at the dead point  2  Destroy the original protection
3  Tear off using cutting pliers the origin sealing  4  Remove the clip to detach the speeds lever 
5  Clean perfectly the lever
6  Make pass the 2 O rings using the hook contained in the kit
Install the 2 half shells and  re-enter them in force at the place of the original seal.
Use the splitted washer contained in the kit
Use the maintain metal leg  to avoid the sliding of the system,  certain gear cases can present an higher boring diameter .
This leg is maintained by the fifth hard point 
Gear box draining  is not obligatory ,but levelling is strongly recommended.
After the installation of the sealing a slight firmness is felt during 2 to 3 days.

Take care during disassembling to not  wound the shaft.
A perfect cleanliness is necessary, all impurities involved under the joints would be inauspicious for the correct operation .Remove the original protection.

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